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Show premium pet grooming

May 16th, 2017 / / categories: Grooming, Supplies /

Found this local brand, it is working very well, they have regular sales as it’s expensive.

Aramis skin smell is gone with this clarity line.

D’Artagnan ‘s skin is moisturized and coat as well.

The daily coat conditioner smells good but it is not moisturizing enough.

I will stick to the other one which is the Royal Treatment Brush Less Ultimate Maintenance Spray. This one smell bad but works way better.



November 29th, 2014 / / categories: Photo, Supplies /

After researching about toothpaste I decided to buy  the CET Vanilla/Mint Toothpaste from Virbac.

In a previous post I wrote about fourpaws mint toothpaste but this one has been discountinued.

I was looking for a toothpaste which flavor isn’t like dog treats aka beef, poultry etc.

The virbac toothpaste was the only one offering a different flavor. Both dogs  enjoy the flavor, although Aramis is the one who like to have his teeth brushed. I don’t buy chews, also it is easier for the dog to enjoy ( my dogs tested blue buffalo mini blue bones) I still prefer to brush their teeth regularly.


The toothbrush I use for them is a regular small head toothbrush for kids. I bought a pack from my regular supermarket.


detangling mix

April 28th, 2014 / / categories: Grooming, skin, Supplies /

This is a mix of product to removove tights tangles that you don’t want to cut.
In a bowl mix 1 part pink grapefruit, 1 part pek conditioner, 1 part ph balance and 1 part k101 . Add water , shake well  ( can be done with a hand mixer as the pink grapefruit doenst melt well ) The consistency should be little thick.
Apply the mixture to the dog’s dry coat.

pomelo maskisb13


Quickly brush with a slicker brush , don’t try to remove tangles.Rinse well.
Shampoo the dog with the shampoo of your choice. I use the maintenance line banana for medium coats.(1:5)
Rinse the shampoo.
Now it’s time to apply conditioner to the coat.
Mix 1 part ph balance, 1 part pek conditioner, 1 part k101.
Add water and mix well.
Pour the mixture to the entire coat in the direction of the hair growth.
Rinse well.
Blow dry with a pet dryer on high level so the tangles open and get away from the skin.
Brush the tangles out then the coat and finish drying as usual.