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March 15th, 2015 / / categories: Medication, Photo, skin /

D’Artagnan had Superficial Pyoderma.  His skin is very sensitive, I know that since I had him as a puppy, someone wanted to shave his belly since the coat was long and he wan’t peeing with his leg up yet so the coat was always soaked. He shaved him and the poor thing cried all night because his skin was scratching. He never got clipped since then.

Superficial Pyoderma 2

So I puchased episoothe shampoo and conditionner. I had a good experience with virbac products so far, although I don’t use them for regular bathing. As soon as I  gave him a bath he felt already much better. He stopped scratching. I had to shampoo him twice a week  for 3 weeks to make his skin less red and scratchy.

I am currently looking for a topical cream to sooth his skin as I can’t make him stop scratching at all.



February 23rd, 2015 / / categories: Breed, Photo /

D’Artagnan’s teeth. Yes dogs loose their baby teeth like humans. 3 only felt out when he was  5  months old. Other ones felt out before I got him.

from left to right : canine, pre-molar, incisor


back pain

February 6th, 2015 / / categories: Breed, injuries, Photo /

Aramis locked a disk on his back. Pekingese breed is prone to back problems ( ie intervertebral disc disease).  It’s the first time for Aramis to get back pain. I don’t know how it happened, but he’s the  one who jumps the most.

He was pretty quiet, not moving, his belly was tensed very much to aleviate the back pain.

He was eating, drinking and doing his business as usual.

To aleviate the pain and make him more comfortable, I soaked a towel in warm water, wrang it and applied it on his back. He liked it but when it turned cold he would  throw it. I didn’t have a heating pad so a towel did the trick.


It took 3 days of good rest,  I didn’t let him walk , I held him when he needed to go out, I could tell pooping wasn’t easy due to pain ( his back is curled ) but he managed.

He recovered 100 %  but we are being careful, avoiding stairs and too much jumping,