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argan oil

December 18th, 2015 / / categories: Breed /


I bought this new collection from IV san bernard. It did a good job on both of them, but the effect of moisture coat didn’t last very long, the argan smell did’t stay long either, only a couple of days.

Overall it worked well for the coat but not so much for the skin. I still have to care for Aramis’ smelly skin and D’Artagnan’s dryness on separate basis.


Back pain

May 10th, 2015 / / categories: Breed, injuries, Medication, Vet /

Aramis damaged his back again.
I put a hot pad to alleviate the pain but this time it was worse so we went to the vet.


The vet got two x ray done, and there were multiples pain spots.

He prescribed TRAMADOL HCI 50 mg ,

  • 1/2 tablet every 8-12 hours.


  • 1 tablet every 12 hours ( 2 per day ) for 2 days
  • 1 tablet once daily  for 3 days
  • 1/2 tablet once daily for 5 days


I grated an apple to mix with his meds taht I crushed into powder; he didn’t like it so I added some  dog dry food to it.I also tried sheep milk yogurt to mix with his meds he didn’t like either.

I will mix with banana as he likes it. Hopefully he won’t notice the meds.




April 20th, 2015 / / categories: Breed, Grooming, injuries, Medication, skin /

D’Artagnan has Superficial Pyoderma. His skin is very sensitive.

After washing him with episoothe, I looked for a cream that I could apply morning and night between shampoos.

Superficial Pyoderma 2
Superficial Pyoderma 1


I applied this skin rescue lotion twice a day on inflamed skin  for a good 2 weeks , the skin has cleared up very nicely.