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Wagon and crate

November 5th, 2011 / / categories: Dog Show, Supplies /

After searching everywhere for a dog show wagon I finally found the perfect one: Doug’s Wagon Walkers. He sells those wagons at most AKC dog shows in SoCal, but you can also buy from his website.
I bought a big one with a crate as it is easier for me with my 2 pekes, I just put them in the crate and that’s it. I use to carry their travel crates but it was too much. Everything folds down like so:

It fits in the trunk of my car and it opens easily. Most people at AKC dog shows have one, however they don’t have a crate like mine; they directly put their travel crates on it and stack them. I like this crate better as it lets my dogs move around in it, and I can always keep an eye on them.

Home of the Original “Dougs Wagon Walker”


How to Register a Dog with the AKC

December 10th, 2010 / / categories: AKC, Dog Show /

For purebred puppies to be registered with the AKC, they must be bred from an AKC registered male ( sire) or an AKC registered female ( dam)  of the same breed. If you bought your puppy from a responsible breeder, the liter is usually registered with the AKC. You only have to register your dog to the AKC.

You should receive these papers from your breeder:

Make sure you write number written at the top right as it is works as a tracking number on the AKC website.

Once you fill up this form, simply send it back to the AKC with the proper fee. You will receive several papers from them. Your dog registration:

An offer for pet insurance:

And finally a pamphlet about your dog breed :