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This pink grapefruit mask is from fruit of the groomer line, it closes the cuticle to protect it during the cleansing step ( shampoo step). Pink grapefruits suits medium coat.
I mix it 1:3 to water , apply it in the direction the hair grows and let it sits for 5 minutes.
This mask cleans areas in the sebaceous zones
where most toxins enter the skin.

pomelo mask


new diet : orijen six fish

April 8th, 2014 / / categories: Supplies /

D’Artagnan has been having diarrhea on and off for a while now. I was feeding Taste of the wild puppy ( just because the kibbles were smaller ). I tried all tastes from this brand with more or less protein, reducing amount and he was still having  digesting issues. I did some research I found out that many sensitive dogs are having this kind of issue with TOTW and decided to feed him orijen. It is more expensive that TOTW, ($81 vs $50) but the ingredients are fresh and feeding amount recommended is less. I was surprised to see that it came in an air tight bag. The bag was actually made of thick plastic and some sort of aluminium coating for freshness. So far he is doing well. His poop is back to normal. Aramis has no issues with TOTW so  he is staying on his current diet. Overall he is stronger and much less sensitive than D’Artagnan.






August 7th, 2013 / / categories: Breed, Supplies /

chew2 chew1
When their teeth hurt they tend to chew on anything, especially Aramis.
I bought these plastic fish, it massages their gums when they need so they don’t destroy my furniture. They really like these fish, they ‘re soft and thin enough to bite.These are bathtub fish, they last long so far.