detangling mix

April 28th, 2014 / / categories: Grooming, skin, Supplies /

This is a mix of product to removove tights tangles that you don’t want to cut.
In a bowl mix 1 part pink grapefruit, 1 part pek conditioner, 1 part ph balance and 1 part k101 . Add water , shake well  ( can be done with a hand mixer as the pink grapefruit doenst melt well ) The consistency should be little thick.
Apply the mixture to the dog’s dry coat.

pomelo maskisb13


Quickly brush with a slicker brush , don’t try to remove tangles.Rinse well.
Shampoo the dog with the shampoo of your choice. I use the maintenance line banana for medium coats.(1:5)
Rinse the shampoo.
Now it’s time to apply conditioner to the coat.
Mix 1 part ph balance, 1 part pek conditioner, 1 part k101.
Add water and mix well.
Pour the mixture to the entire coat in the direction of the hair growth.
Rinse well.
Blow dry with a pet dryer on high level so the tangles open and get away from the skin.
Brush the tangles out then the coat and finish drying as usual.

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