November 29th, 2014 / / categories: Photo, Supplies /

After researching about toothpaste I decided to buy  the CET Vanilla/Mint Toothpaste from Virbac.

In a previous post I wrote about fourpaws mint toothpaste but this one has been discountinued.

I was looking for a toothpaste which flavor isn’t like dog treats aka beef, poultry etc.

The virbac toothpaste was the only one offering a different flavor. Both dogs  enjoy the flavor, although Aramis is the one who like to have his teeth brushed. I don’t buy chews, also it is easier for the dog to enjoy ( my dogs tested blue buffalo mini blue bones) I still prefer to brush their teeth regularly.


The toothbrush I use for them is a regular small head toothbrush for kids. I bought a pack from my regular supermarket.

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