Pekingese Dog Breed Synopsis

October 7th, 2010 / / categories: Breed /

The Pekingese is a small, heavily boned, toy breed of dog which is broad in the chest, heavy in front, with narrowing through the body to the back of the hips. The legs are short and bowed. The Pekingese, or “Peke” as some prefer to call them, has a broad head. The space between the ears should be flat and not domed shaped. The eyes are large, round and wide set. The muzzle is flat and wrinkled. The wrinkle should extend over the bridge of the nose, from one cheek to the other. The nose should always be black, flat, and broad. The lower jaw is broad and undershot. The lips are black and should come together evenly. Neither the tongue nor the teeth should show when the mouth is closed. Pekingese is a heavily coated breed. The hair around the neck is thick and full or frilled. The ears are long and heart shaped. They should be feathered. The tail of the Pekingese is long and carried up over its back. The tail is also heavily feathered as well as the feet and elbows. The pekes massive front and tapering hindquarters, earned him the name “Lion Dog”. They have a distinct rolling gait, and never seem to be in a hurry to reach their destination.

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