AM CH Aramis L’Etoile Filante

October 6th, 2010 / / categories: Breed /

Out of Canadian CH Peh Kai Dancing With The Stars and Quadra’s Precious, Aramis was born in Quebec on October 25 2010. He is a brave little dog who is very friendly and gets along easily with our other peke. He is a very affectionate and cuddly little guy.Pekingese are independent and wary of strangers but Aramis adjusted to us quickly. He is playful and yet a calm dog. He is not a barker but will let me know if he wants to go out . He stays in a crate without saying a word as long as he knows that we are nearby. In the house he follows me around, making sure he has his place near us and loves to have his big hug once in a while.

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