How to Train a Pekingese

October 8th, 2010 / / categories: Training /

Training is not an easy task with the Pekingese. They are stubborn and willful and do not do well adhering to authority. Basic obedience should be taught at an early age. Puppy classes are highly recommended for this breed. They respond much better to praise than they do to being bossed. This breed is not a breed that will do well in agility. They are strictly a conformation breed. Softly strolling around a ring is a much better way for them to display their royal self’s. Jumping through hoops or running relays, is far beneath their dignity. They prefer to be spectators rather than participants of such physical activity. Housebreaking must be consistent with this breed. They are stubborn and must be kept to the task at hand. Crate training is the preferred method. If you choose not to use the crate training method, then puppy pads and a training aid should be started at an early age. Consistency and praise are the best method of training the Pekingese. They respond well to a soothing voice and calm demeanor. Harsh methods will not work with this breed.

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