Wrapping the coat is very important. It will allow the hair to grow without getting damaged from everyday tear. You will have to teach your dog not to chew on wraps.
To start you will need wrapping bands,( I used to use rubber bands but these one weren’t great , they broke too easily and were too wide ) .


a brush ( I use scalpmaster 125, most pekes owners use it as well)
and wrapping paper. I use wax paper, some people use microfiber cloth, plastic wrap or japanese washable rice paper.
The wrapping paper should be a little longer than your dog’s coat. Fold your paper in 3 equal parts , starting with the right side.



Lightly spray with a mix of water and conditioner and brush the dog part that you are about to wrap. Today I am doing the ears. I usually wrap the ears, and the pants.( the pants is the coat that grows on the butt, it has to be at least as long as the dog’s legs)
Put the paper right under the ear leather.The hair should sit in the middle part of your paper. make sure you don’t wrap the leather part, only the coat.


Fold the right side over


Then the left side


Hold the paper tight so that it doesn’t move from right under the ear leather. My little guy was cooperating today.

Then fold it over like so

 Fold again, as you don’t want to end up with a long wrap.


Finally add your wrapping band, it should just hold, don’t put it too tight as it will tear the hair.


And you are done. It should look like this.
It may look clumsy in the beginning,but practice makes perfect.
Specialty only stores sell latex wrapping bands, so I recommend using them rather that regular rubber bands. Here is how they look, they also come in many colors.

wrapping bands
When it is time to unwrap , and by unwrap I mean you SHOULD cut the wrapping band, DO NOT try to untie it, it will damage the coat ; simply spray with conditioner mixed with water and brush the hair every couple days, (some people do everyday) and re-wrap.


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