I bought Tropiclean Dog Spa Lavish Pet Facial Scrub. I always put a towel around his neck so the coat doesn’t get soaked while I am washing his face. I use a pea size amount. This scrub doesn’t foam. It is very mild, doesn’t sting his eyes, and helps a lot with dirt and the tears stains. He tends to lick it while it is on his face but that’s fine as the ingredients are plants and water. I wet his face, put the soap in my hands, mix it a little bit with some water then apply on his face and scrub gently. Don’t forget to scrub over his nose gently lift the skin over the nose and wash very gently.

Tropiclean Dog Spa Lavish Pet Facial Scrub $9.32

Once this is done I use the Classic Groomaster Flea Comb to comb his wrinkle. Comb gently from top to bottom on both side. This way you remove dirt between the hair, sometimes hair will come out, this is normal. Rinse the face, make sure you rinse under the wrinkle. Gently wipe the face with a soft towel. Pat dry the wrinkle with a cotton square.

Classic Groomaster Flea Comb $10.69

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