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Like humans, pekingese dogs are sick sometimes too.
D’Artagnan’ symptoms  are : shaking, soft stools, vomit, curled in a “I do my business ” position,tail between his legs and can’t stand on his hindquarters (back legs).This is usually an indigestion when he eats too fast.
It usually happens out of the blue. He suddenly starts shaking, curls up and can’t stand on his hindquarters. He usually poop a soft stool, and then vomit.
After a couple of hours he feels much better .

Sometimes he suddenly goes to his crate, and curls up. I usually pick him up carefully and have him relax in the position that is  most comfortable for him. Often,  the position is sit.  I do a soft massage on his belly until his belly isn’t hard anymore.

He usually ends up  lying down so I know he feels better.

We do the walking test and if he can walk normally then he’s happy as a clam.


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