Eye injury

February 5th, 2014 / / categories: injuries, Medication, Vet /

They had a bad fight again for nothing.

Aramis ended up with a bad deep scratch on his left eye.


We went to the vet and he prescribed  an eye drop to make his pupil back to normal as it was stuck  and not dilating anymore; and an ointment.I put 1 drop per day for 2 days and it  dilated. I put ointment every 6 hours .


We went to recheck at the vet twice. His eye is almost back to normal in the sense that he still has some white part on his eye. The vet told me that it will take some time to cure by itself as blood vessels slowly came back.

I bought a very soft head cone for any injury. This one is much better that the plastic ones that the vet sells. This is the comfy cone by all four paws.



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