UgoDog Indoor Dog Potty

March 10th, 2011 / / categories: Supplies, Training /

We bought this UgoDog Indoor Dog Potty because every time he pees or poops his paws are soaked and dirty. It is plastic based and it measures 19.1″x 26.4″x0.98″ (48.5cm x 64cm x 2.5 cm). You just add a pee pad or a newspaper (cost you much less) under the rack and it is ready to be used. It was expensive for a plastic product ($49.95), and sometimes he still have some pee on his paws or squash his poop; which makes it difficult to clean as the rack squares are very small. He tends to do his business always on the same spot, and after couple days it smells pee, so I usually change the pee pad every couple of days and clean the UgoDog with a disinfecting product.

UgoDog Indoor Dog Potty $49.95

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