Bamboo Dog Massaging Shower Head

October 12th, 2010 / / categories: Grooming, Supplies /
  • Rubber nubs stimulate and massage while removing trapped-in dirt
  • Sprayer rinses shampoo quickly and easily
  • One-hand water pressure control lever adjusts flow from low to high
  • Non-slip grip on handle and shower head
  • Flexible 8 ft. hose is ideal for use in the shower or outdoors.
  • Diverter attaches to shower head or hose
  • Outdoor adapter for use on spigot or garden hose
  • Remove and store between uses
  • Choose from pink, blue or green

It gently washes and rubs the skin. The attractive design and reasonable price made me buy it. However it pops out ¬†with the shower pressure. I can’t use it anymore.


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