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Aramis and D’artagnan often fight recently. They get at each other with teeth and nails. D’artagnan hit Aramis’ left eye with its nail. The eye kept tearing for a couple of days and was half closed so we went to check it at the vet.
this is how it looks like :



She checked the eye but putting a fluorescent lotion that shows the scratches.There were 3. She gave us some neo polycin ointment cream to put in the eye every 4 to 6 hours for 2 days; then come back to see if it improved.
It is not easy to apply as it is a cream. Once some is on the eye, I close the eye and gently rub.


We went to have the eye checked again  after a couple of days and after putting the fluorescent lotion, she told us it was much better. I would have to put the cream for 5 more days to make sure all is cured.
I finished the treatment and his eye is back to normal..