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Stomach issues

December 20th, 2013 / / categories: Medication, Vet /

D’Artagnan pooped and vomited 5 times today, first time at 5am . Vomit was very light pink .

It went on and off all day , diarhea and foamy vomit.

His poop was darker than usual at the end.

We went to see the vet, poo is within the normal color range; stomach is soft and not tensed.

Got a shot for nausea and purina veterinary diets EN Gastroenteric canine formula canned food to regulate stomach.

DSC_0009 DSC_0010
At the end he didn’t need to eat this special food. I could stop feeding him for 24h and then feed half of his regular size meal, crushed to make it easier to disgest.
Overall his stomach is weak and this isn’t the first time it happens

Aramis and D’artagnan often fight recently. They get at each other with teeth and nails. D’artagnan hit Aramis’ left eye with its nail. The eye kept tearing for a couple of days and was half closed so we went to check it at the vet.
this is how it looks like :



She checked the eye but putting a fluorescent lotion that shows the scratches.There were 3. She gave us some neo polycin ointment cream to put in the eye every 4 to 6 hours for 2 days; then come back to see if it improved.
It is not easy to apply as it is a cream. Once some is on the eye, I close the eye and gently rub.


We went to have the eye checked again  after a couple of days and after putting the fluorescent lotion, she told us it was much better. I would have to put the cream for 5 more days to make sure all is cured.
I finished the treatment and his eye is back to normal..


small cyst part 1

February 5th, 2013 / Tags: / categories: skin, Vet /

When I was petting Aramis I noticed a small bump under the skin.
When we visited the vet I asked her to check this lump.
She told me it was a small cyst. It will cost 200 dollars to check if it is a bad one however this one is too small to get a good analysis. I have to leave it like this and check sometimes if it grows. If it happens to double in size then we will have to do some analysis.
here is how it looks, the hair stopped growing on this part of the skin. The skin tends to be very flaky and reddish.