cyst part 2

January 13th, 2015 / / categories: injuries, Medication, Photo, skin, Vet /

In a previous post I wrote about Aramis’ under skin lumps, small cyst that were there but which didn’t cause any problems.
I was petting him and I discovered some hairs sticking together with some bloody wound under it.
I thought he got wounded from the longboard riding straight at us but it wasn’t. We went to the vet to check this wound.
She trimmed all the hair and cleaned it up. She told me it was the cyst that broke. Aramis may have scratched it and it opened. It was full of dirty fluids.
She gave me an antibiotic : Cefpodoxime 100 mg. I have to give him 1/2 tablet for 10 days, once every 24h with food .

This is how it looks after the vet visit

I will post an update picture when it heals completely

She also told me he has 2 other ones which I knew about, they are smaller in size but if he scratches them, same thing will happen.She mentionned that I could have them removed if I wanted to.

I took couple months and now it is completely healed.


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