He’s been constantly scratching for a week. We thought it was because we trimmed his fur around his belly, and never thought he had fleas. It finally caught our attention when some black things were jumping on him.

His breeder recommended Advantage, and our Vet recommended Frontline Plus. We wanted to use K9 Advantix because that’s the only product that kills Tiger Mosquito. We’ve done a quick research about Flea Control products. It seems Advantage is good to kill ticks, and Frontline Plus works well for fleas, and what he has now is fleas so it was clear to us which one to try first.

Fortunately our local Costco had Frontline Plus. We bought one and applied to him in a parking lot. Costco now sells the pack of 6 as well as the regular pack of 3.

Frontline Plus Flea & Tick Drops 3 Month Supply $36.49

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